Marketing made easy to boost your sales

We work with business owners to create highly effective marketing strategies by creating effective websites that generate leads, rank on Google and are supported by print campaigns that work! We are driven by a passion to create and share promotions that attract customers, increase sales and ultimately grow your business.


Your marketing & print campaigns do not need to be expensive to be effective. By focusing on your customer's needs, we create a compelling message and offer to attract and engage target audiences. Each sale event, store promotion or brand awareness campaign you launch requires time, effort and money. For each campaign to earn its success, creative design and strategic marketing is what gets you across the finish line.

Marketing made EASY with these steps:

  • identify and understand who your ideal customer is and how to find them both online and in their neighbourhood 
  • design a compelling message with an irresistible offer that attracts your ideal customer and motivates action
  • use a variety of platforms (both online, digitally and in print), we take your campaign to market to increase store & website traffic
  • set your website up to sell -- using imagery, digital ads and keyword strategies ensures no one misses your sale event or promotion
  • tools to "spread the word" across your social media platforms 
  • share your promotion with your list of raving fans (a.k.a. customers) with an email marketing campaign -- one that makes them feel special