Flyer Advertising


Use flyers to drive store traffic, promote a sale or store event, to attract new customers and boost your sales. Club Run flyer printing is a group press run that saves you money! Work with us for your next print promotion -- we work with you to design a flyer that sells, offer you a significant print savings and ensure you are targeting your ideal customer.


01 Design that Sells

Motivate action to promote your next Sale or Event with flyer advertising that attracts customers to your store and boosts sales.

Creative design with a compelling message or irresistible offer is what sells!


02 Club Run Printing

Join Club Run and save HUGE on your print costs. (who doesn't like a deal?!) 

Club Run prints as:

  • 4 or 8 page flyer
  • glossy paper stock, colour both sides
  • min. 10,000+ flyers

03 Targeted Distribution

Prospective customers are looking for your products and services, get found with a targeted Distribution Plan:

  • past customers
  • desired neighbourhoods
  • household income