How to Set Up Instagram for Business

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media channel that you can use to increase your exposure and brand recognition as well as building demand for your products.  

instagram for business

The popularity of the app garnered Facebook's attention and they bought the company for $1 Billion in April 2012.-at that point Instagram had only been around for 18 months (it was launched October 2010).  

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The App experienced a 93% growth month-over-month from businesses using the platform and with 400 million users, and over 80 million posts per day; it's safe to say Instagram may be a channel for you to explore.

 (source: HubSpot)




The social media channel is imaged based, where users post photos or short videos, write a quick blurb, and even "tag" their friends in the post.  Let's set-up your account, learn some tricks to attract and engage your ideal customer, and become an Instastar.

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  1. Download Instagram from the App or Play Store on to your smart phone.  Follow along with our video and learn how to set up Instagram for Business.
  2. Add a Business Username; use a recognizable name-it's what users will search to find you and its a prominent piece of your business profile
  3. Make your profile public which makes it as easy as possible for people to follow you since your goal is to build your following
  4. Add links to your Bio; include your website url (i.e. within your bio, along with a snapshot of what your business is all about
  5. Post!  Upload an image that is relatable and shareable to your business.  Post a short blurb about the image, use a hastag# (more to come about that) and include your location i.e. Vancouver, BC in your post.



Have some fun with Instagram and try to showcase your business' ‘personality’ within the images and videos -- people love that!  You will want to stick to the 80/20 rule like most social media platforms and Instagram makes it super easy to post to their platform as well as Facebook and Twitter all at once.  Here are some quick ideas of how to utilize the application for your business: show your products and what they can do or how they are made, introduce your employees or services so your followers can get to know you, build anticipation by giving sneak peaks at new products, services or events coming up.  Looking for inspiration or ideas of how to rock Instagram? Check out these popular sites:

  1. LL Bean posts inspiring outdoor images
  2. Houzz mouth watering images keeps them top-of-mind
  3. Simple Green Smoothies built an empire by using Instagram!



To expand and engage your Instagram following remember to utilize hashtags when posting or posing questions for your audience to respond to.  A hashtag is the number symbol/icon # and acts as a searchable term for users to find you.  Insert the number symbol (#) before the word or phrase you want associated with your post i.e. #lanewaymedia.  Consider what your ideal customer may be looking or searching for on Instagram, for example, if you sell interior doors post an image of a beautiful door, write a short blurb about doors and add the hashtag #interiordoors. Users will be attracted to the image, and if interested will click back to your website.

hashtags instagram

Popular hashtags:

#TBT = Throwback Thursday

#TransformationTuesday = before/after images

#Repost = posting another users image


Now that you have the tools to set-up your Instagram account and have a general idea of how to maximize results -- GET STARTED and watch our video to set up your INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS account!  You can easily post daily while waiting in line for your "double double". Just remember to post fabulous images, #hashtag what your customer would search, and get to work! We hope you love Instagram as much as we do!