Effective Websites that Generate Leads

Build an effective website that sells. One that can become your best sales rep, working 24/7, motivating prospective customers to take action, and generating qualified leads -- ALL from your website (yeah, we thought you would like that!)


With each print & marketing campaign; we work with you to ensure your website is ready to ATTRACT customers, generate LEADS, and CONVERT visitors into customers (a.k.a. more sales!) Your website can live up to its potential when it's set up to:

  • Rank on Google
  • Use keywords to attract your ideal customer
  • Works 24/7 to actively promote your business
  • Generates qualified leads (even while you sleep!)


People are Google searching for your products and services, get your website ranking on Google, engage users to visit your website and convert them into customers. With each print & marketing campaign, we coach and work with you to ensure your website is ready to receive leads before your next Sale Event or Store Promotion. Work with us for your next campaign and we will ensure your website has:

  • Creative that reflects your current promotion
  • Offers a compelling promotion to generate leads
  • Offers engaging content to attract customers


Your website can be more than an online brochure, it should be engaging and interactive. Build a site that is easy for people to navigate with imagery and clear calls-to-actions (quote requests, get more info, enter to win buttons…) without overwhelming them with too much content. Guiding the user experience through your site takes thought, planning and execution but it is worth the effort when you see leads start rolling in and website traffic increasing!



Trying to figure out Google’s algorithm requires an advanced degree in Rocket Science. Google is a search engine only doing its job. They want to satisfy the user experience and drive users to websites that are relevant to the search query – this keeps people coming back and using Google.

Google uses many ranking signals to help your website get found, some include:

  • Use of keywords within title tags and content
  • Unique and authoritative content
  • User experience and dwell time
  • Mobile friendly with responsive design

Working with Laneway Media, we perform an audit on your website to determine where it ranks on Google, how many leads it generates each month, and the amount of time users spend in your site. These three critical factors are the foundation of an effective website, one that generates leads and keeps users coming back!