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British Columbia is a boating mecca that draws enthusiastic yacht owners from around the globe. Vancouver is an especially attractive world-class city with waterfront access to super, natural amenities. With marinas and marine services available year-round, The Squamish Nation Marine Group wanted to develop their digital marketing strategies to attract more local and visiting boaters. They have several websites that support their three marinas, annual boat show, float home real estate developments, and docks & boat shed construction.

rank on google

Operations are driven by Mosquito Creek Marina, however re-branding and marketing campaigns focused on supporting all properties. The Creek Marina's old website had some activity but lead conversion was unclear. To fix this, the new website was designed so visitors don't have to think; they are pushed toward conversion points with clear Calls-to-Action. Through a striking professional looking website, simplifying keyword strategies and adding marketing automation, website leads now convert and it is much easier to track and manage communications, and ultimately support sales and operations.

Ranking on page one of Google, The Creek Marina now has a waiting list for moorage and services since the new site launched. It's also easier for staff to understand where leads are coming from, to create promotions that meet their budget and keep the marina full and busy year round.


Windsor Plywood Edmonton’s old website was dated, difficult to navigate and prospective customer’s next steps in the path to a quote request was unclear. The store owner was concerned with his Google rankings and that his website did not perform. In a competitive industry he realized the importance of being found on Google and optimizing his website to get quote requests and leads. 

websites that get leads

Once we completed our website audit, we deemed it necessary to start from scratch and rebuild the website. The home improvement industry is huge and extremely competitive, we had to be strategic in order to build an effective website, one that generates quote requests and leads 24/7.  Within three months of the website launching, Google found the website and the quote requests started rolling in. 

Results: 89% increase in website traffic      57% increase in quote requests

We built the website around Windsor Plywood Edmonton’s core products of doors, mouldings and flooring. Using a keyword strategy and authoritative content within the webpages and blog drives website traffic from Google searches. Once the user is on they are met with engaging imagery, easy to find products within the navigation bar and quote request opportunities for the product they are interested in.

Coupled with a regular print flyer campaign, social media promotion and a Google keyword strategy Windsor Plywood Edmonton enjoys consistent quote requests and an increase in store and website traffic.


RK Furniture Gallery has a unique offering of custom furniture complemented with an in-house design team to help create a home you can love. Although the RK team is willing to design your perfect home -- store and website traffic was slow. RK Furniture needed to rebrand their message and share their story with the good people of Prince George. Also, a competing furniture store was due to open; which motivated the store to take action!

print campaigns that work

Working with RK Furniture Gallery, we conducted a marketing audit to look at all elements of the budget and where we could improve. We also looked at response rates (ROI) to each effort and strategy looking for cost savings while still increasing store traffic. The results were earned by understanding who RK Furniture’s ideal customer is, where they live both online and geographically, and building a story around the brand to attract and engage this unique audience. 

Results: 58% increase in store traffic             180% return from print promotions

Beginning with a photo shoot, we captured how gorgeous your home could look with great product and people shots. Building the brand story around “create a home you can love”, the images were used for the website redesign, printed flyer & postcard promotions, across social media platforms, email campaigns and for in-store signage.

The next step was to simplify marketing efforts to focus on the target customer rather than mass market to everyone in Prince George. By aligning advertising efforts with the brand story and the ideal customer, it made buying decisions easier for the store owner and she was confident in her spend.

Now that the website has been revamped and is generating traffic and leads; we are launching a cross promotion campaign with local businesses that complement RK Furniture Gallery and will drive even more store & website traffic. Always growing and adjusting – that’s what good business does!

sonica rk furniture
I’m constantly pitched by sales reps to advertise. Laneway Media handles all my marketing efforts that include the website and print program. It’s easy — it’s awesome!
— Sonica, RK Furniture Gallery