"Print sounds good, but it's too expensive!"

We thought that too, until we put it to the test. We now know, print delivers results by generating website leads (yep! and lots of them) while consistently driving sales as a result. We are savvy print cheerleaders all the WAY!

In our digital world of smart phones, tablets, and laptops you would think that print is outdated -- but that is far from the truth! Printed flyers and direct mailers are effective marketing tools that break through clutter, drive more customer traffic and generate leads quickly.

Promote Sale Event or Store Opening

Was your last sale or promotion as effective as you had hoped? Did you generate enough qualified leads? Did your store and website traffic spike? Did you meet your sales target?

If you achieved some of these goals - woohoo!  If not, we're here to help. Let's plan your next Sale Event or Store Opening to one that attracts, motivates action, generates website leads and meets your sales target.


the flyer promotion

  • identify your best customer
  • design a compelling offer that attracts
  • promote with flyers to remind homeowners of your business and encourage them to visit your store or website with a strong offer. Canadian Tire, Home Depot and IKEA all print flyers -- because they work!


PROMOTION: On average businesses see a 20% increase in store & website traffic when the flyer promotion is well designed and executed. Reach homeowners for 5¢ per flyer for your Store Opening or next Sale Event.

The flyers make such a difference and when they don’t run, we notice.
— Leila, Budget Blinds of Cold Lake

Get Quote Requests

Imagine being open 24/7, generating leads and motivating prospective customers to take action -- ALL from your website (yeah, we thought you'd like that!)

Prospective customers are (google) searching for your products and services, are you being found? We coach you to transform your website into a sales generating machine, one that ranks on Google and ensures your site is ready to receive Quote Requests -- even while you sleep!

Using postcards to promote your business, we target your ideal customer and drive them to your business & website to generate leads as a result of the direct mail campaign.



  • target your ideal customer both online and in their neighbourhood
  • design a postcard promotion; one that attracts customers to your business and generates quote requests to your website
  • postcards are an effective marketing tool to cut through the clutter and reach homeowners directly into their mailboxes
  • just ask Canada Post.

PROMOTION: Customers we have worked with typically see a 49% increase in website traffic and generate immediate quote requests. Reach homeowners for 10¢ per mailer for your next Special Event or campaign.

In our highly connected digital world, physical media have a greater ability to get noticed and make an impact.
— Canada Post, The Science of Activation

Attract more "Big Spenders" 

We all want to increase sales, but there is not enough time in the day let alone the budget. Have you ever thought "I wish we had a magic list" of who your customers are and how to connect with them? This is it, it's happening!

We work with business owners to design and launch integrated print promotions that attract your best customer (a.k.a. Big Spenders) and motivate them to take action.

42% return  with Gift Card promotion!

42% return with Gift Card promotion!


  • we analyze your current customer database -- if you don't have one, we have a solution for you!
  • identify your best customers (a.k.a. Big Spenders) and design a campaign to remind them what they love most about your business
  • personalized Invitations and Gift Cards have a wow effect that engage and motivate customers to keep coming back

PROMOTION: Engage your current customer list with a VIP or Special Offer, one that is unique to them. Typical results generate a 42% return of repeat business and makes your best customers feel rewarded and special. Let's delight them today!