Rank on Google

Prospective customers are looking (Google searching) for your products and services, are you being found? Does your website rank on Google when a keyword that relates to your business, is searched? Google is a powerful search engine that can help attract your ideal customers, increase website and store traffic, and ultimately grow your business. Let’s ensure your website is ready to receive leads and get found on Google.

rank on google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical term that refers to analytical tools call “spiders” which crawl the internet to find a website that answers the Google search query. It’s a highly complex algorithm which relies on the spiders and crawlers to drive traffic back to your website.


Google looks for over 200 ranking signals to send potential customers to your website. Some key factors Google looks for are:

  • Keywords within meta tag descriptions and headers (H1, H2, H3…)
  • Relevant content and length of content
  • Link building to create domain authority
  • Page loading speed and dwell time
  • Responsive design or mobile friendly website


Content Marketing is creating and sharing unique, relevant content online. As noted above, Google crawls the Internet in search of authoritative content that relates back to the search query. Producing and distributing valuable content is vital for search engine optimization (SEO) and offers huge opportunities for getting found on Google.

We know you are an expert in your field or industry – share that vast knowledge with the online world! Your content marketing can consist of:

  • Blog posts
  • How-to videos
  • FAQs page


Link building or backlinks helps demonstrate domain authority for your website. Think of it as a testimonial from industry peers recommending your website and the content you have created. Google looks to these backlinks (links to YOUR website from another website) to understand the content you are producing is relevant and worthy of a reference.

Ranking on Google is an ongoing process that requires time and perseverance. Working with Laneway Media, we will determine:

  • Keywords (what people are searching for)
  • Content that is relevant
  • Backlink opportunities within your industry
  • Grow your Google page rankings

You have a great business, people are looking for your products and services, let’s create a website that shares your story, attracts prospective customers, and converts them into raving fans – we can do this!