Social Media Strategies

We are here to share the ROADMAP to attract your ideal customer each and every day. Using Social Media strategies and email marketing to connect with customers that deliver results and will make your job WAY easier!



With each print & marketing campaign; we coach you to build a social media strategy and email marketing campaign that drives traffic to your business or website. An effective digital strategy foundation is in creating relevant and engaging content that is easy to find and simple to interact with.

To leverage social media and attract your ideal customer, use these 3 strategies to create a successful media platform:

  1. Consider your ideal customer - post what interests them
  2. Be social and interact daily
  3. 80% of posts should be relatable & shareable - 20% promotional


Email Marketing is an effective tool to connect with your customer list and is similar to social media, remember to keep 80% of the content something they would want to read and 20% promotional. With each marketing and print campaign, we prepare a series of emails to your list of raving fans -- beginning with a "sneak peek" launch email and closing with an irresistible offer!

It's true, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, along with the myriad of free social platforms available are EASY to use. But the art of utilizing social media for business effectively, starts with having a communication strategy behind it.

Working with Laneway Media, we coach you and give you the tools to successfully master social media and take advantage of the HUGE opportunities available.