How to Set Up Twitter for Business

Twitter is a great way to get your business name out there and if used correctly can offer free promotion and advertising for you.  It is a quick and easy channel for you to connect directly with current and potential customers.  If you already have a personal page you should take the next step to make a business page.  Let’s connect with the current 320 Million monthly active users.

twitter setup


  1. create your handle @forexample (should be under 15 characters)
  2. Enter your full name, phone number and create a password
  3. Click sign up for twitter (
  4. You will receive a text message with a code
  5. Enter the code
  6. Choose a user name and click create my account
  7. Fill out your profile and business information
  8. Upload your logo or an image
  9. Watch our video and learn how to set up your Twitter for Business account


twitter setup

Twitter allows you to reach a large audience for free and to connect at the right moments in a genuine way.

  • Twitter has many types of communities and groups so do some research and find where your potential customers may live.  You can create streams and lists to monitor those who are your focus and determine what tweets can help you grow your following.
  • Once you have created a buzz about your business, always keep in contact with those who have positive or negative experiences with your business.  Make their questions and needs top of your priority list.
  • Twitter also allows you to scope out your competition to see what is working for their business and make sure your practices are on trend!



Focus on these points as they will draw people to your page and want to follow your business.

  • Keep posts under 100 characters as shorter posts grab attention; if need be use a URL condenser app to save on character space.
  • Edit, edit, edit; write your tweet in long form and then edit and condense it as much as possible.  Be mindful to not look sloppy and use well known twitter language i.e BTW=by the way, yr=your, w/=with within your tweet.
  • When responding to a follower put a period before the @ symbol (.@) this allows your followers to see your response and you can engage with more people.
  • When retweeting or sharing content from someone else include them in your tweet as they will probably respond and you may attract their followers.
  • Personalize a retweet or other content you are sharing.  Pose a question or grab a key sentence that appeals to you and highlight it for your followers to start a conversation.
  • Set a schedule for checking your account-3 times a day; you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to delight a customer or deal with an issue…don’t leave anyone hanging.
  • Keep track of when you get more engagement and at what time of day and which day so you know where to focus your energy.  The use of a company hashtags can assist with analyzing your tweet data.

Twitter does require dedication but you don’t have to tweet 100 times a day.  Coordinating your strategy with others within your organization can help share the responsibility.  As well retweeting and sharing others content in a personal way goes a long way with followers; you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every tweet.  Twitter can be a great place to listen to what is happening within your industry so there is a benefit even if you are just on line checking the twittersphere.